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Content starts here

   Software Updates Service and Download Information for:
   OpenVMS Integrity, Alpha, VAX and Tru64 UNIX

SPL Downloads versus OpenVMS Integrity
Software Updates Service for OpenVMS Integrity follows the standard model for HP products and works differently than OpenVMS Alpha and VAX and Tru64 UNIX.

                                        Q2/Q3FY11 As of Q2/Q3FY11, OpenVMS Integrity and Alpha customers will no longer be sent automatic
software updates on media unless requested: Significant Shift to Electronic Delivery notice and
Retirement of SUM and ITRC, and it's replacement: New Software Updates and Licensing Portal notice.
HP Software Update Alerts subscribers will receive electronic notification when software updates are available. For more information on these changes, see: HP Software Updates & Media portal.
At the Software updates and licensing portal, the Cover Letter can be found in every Alpha SPL product
under contract at the "Get Documentation" link. For customers who have chosen the hard media option, the Cover Letter will remain part of the SPL Kit. Additionally, a file version is on disc 1 of the Layered Products CD set, in the README directory.

Software Updates Services:

 Software Downloads:
  - OpenVMS Alpha and VAX and Tru64 UNIX layered product downloads are available on
     this website for SPL Software Updates Service customers, see Download entitlement
  -  For downloading requirements, see the Download Details and Requirements page: more info .
     OpenVMS VAX and Tru64 UNIX are no longer updating. See Final Release for OpenVMSVAX
     &  Final Release for Tru64 UNIX .  
  -  For OpenVMS Integrity, software downloads are only available through the
      HP Software Updates & Media Portal.

 Software Updates Service for OpenVMS Alpha and VAX and Tru64 UNIX:

     Each product has its own license number and all software update distributions are available
    through one of the consolidated distribution Software Products Library (SPL) media numbers. 
     -   Software Updates Service is required for each of the license numbers on a Service Agreement
          to provide "License to Use" new revisions, plus an SPL number must be on one of your
          Service Agreements to receive the quarterly update media.

 Software Updates Service for OpenVMS Integrity Operating Environments:
     Each Operating Environment has its own license number and its own media number. 

    - Software Updates Service is required for the Operating Environment license number on a Service
       Agreement to provide "License to Use" new revisions, plus the corresponding Operating
       Environment media number must be on one Service Agreement to receive the quarterly Operating
       Environment  electronic notification that a new release is available.  Note: An Operating
       Environment distribution will only be available if updates are released for that quarter.
Example: Software Updates Service for the Enterprise Operating Environment (Max 2 sockets with system) will need the license number (BA451AC) for the quantity of active processor cores running on a system and the EOE Update media number (BA323AA) on the Product Order/Service Agreement.

 Software Updates Service for OpenVMS Integrity Layered Products:

     Each product has a license number and a media number. A license is not required for the
     consolidated distribution Layered Products Library  product.
    -  Software Updates Service is required for each layered product license number on a Service
        Agreement to provide "License to Use" new revisions, plus the corresponding media number for
        each of the layered products must be on one Service Agreement to receive the quarterly Layered
        Products Library DVD update, or electronic notification that a new release is available.  Note: A
        Layered Products Library distribution, will only be available if updates are
        released for that quarter. 
                          Example: Software Updates Service for HP C will need the license number
                          (BA348AC) and the media number (BA348AA) on the Product Order/Service

 If you are not an OpenVMS Integrity service customer
and want to obtain the latest revision of
 software, please contact your HP Account Representative or distributor.  Note:  Update licenses are
 not available for OpenVMS products on Integrity. 
 If you are not a service customer, a new product license must be purchased to provide the "License to
 Use" each new revision of a product that is made available.
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